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Checking in with Readers

Dear friends and supporters and readers, Things are taking quite a turn in my new work and I wanted to chat with you about it, particularly those who’ve been good enough to read my first novel. I’m going to stretch … Continue reading

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XMAS SR ’06: Leaving Home

Press Democrat blog. Meanwhile, the longer version is here, chock full of the details and texture that historical research always yields. The whole thing feels so old-timey-Christmas that I went ahead and did an audio recording as well. If you … Continue reading

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I’ll Have What They’re Having

“If you’re going to invent, you’re going to disrupt.” That’s Jeff Bezos talking. Once upon a time, he was Mr. Amazon. Now he’s Mr. Amazon Publishing. For good and ill, he’s inventing a seismic disruption of the book world. Journalists … Continue reading

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Muppets and Vampire Squids

“Leadership used to be about ideas, setting an example and doing the right thing. Today, if you make enough money for the firm (and you are not currently an ax murderer), you will be promoted into a position of influence.” … Continue reading

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Aerosols and Butterflies

“The clarity and starling nature of what Molina and Rowland came up with–the notion that something you could hold in your hand could affect the entire global environment, not just the room in which you were standing–was extraordinary.” That’s Ralph … Continue reading

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How Fragile We Are…

Thinking about our Great Wide World BEING NEEDS NOTHINGNESS Thank god, everybody’s writing about it. In today’s NYT articles on  “Groupthink” and Doug Wheeler’s Light And Space movement. Or reports of the recent takedown of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony. I’m sure … Continue reading

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On Tolerance and Toleration

Thinking ’bout the South THE LANGUAGE OF RESPECT My address says CA, but all I see from my writing desk these days are my old familiars, the mountains of NC. Given a continent’s remove from those parts, I speak of … Continue reading

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