Thinking about Small Town Life


It’s been one year tomorrow. The sweetest, funnest wedding ever. Even I had a good time and it was my wedding. Just a few folks there (by design) and everybody pitched in (by design). People sang original songs and read custom readings and chalked charming garden signs and hung home-made decorations and fetched jars of local field flowers and trucked in a whole piano, for god’s sake, that my astonishing musical friends played. Folks recited their own poems and created awards ceremonies (the “Cooney” is alive and well with the winner, by the way). I put on my wedding dress in a room presided over by a plastic goose. Minutes later (not at all by design, by serendipity), geese figured prominently in my vows. My sweetheart laughed and laughed. His face reddened with feeling. He said wonderful things. Everybody did. So, be advised, those of you with a wedding in your future: it doesn’t have to be a deadly exercise in anxiety and overstatement. In my case, I know it helped to have outgrown every dream I carried for a wedding except my own. It wasn’t about others’ aspirations or therapeutic needs. It was about thanking our family and friends. Honoring their love(s) as well as ours. It was about gratitude and humility and relief that we’re all still here and doing just fine. That’s what we’ll celebrate every July 24 from here on out. Thanks to all who were there, all who got us there, in body and in spirit. Amen.

Photo by Tibidabo Photography

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About Amanda McTigue

Author. Director. Teacher. My debut novel, GOING TO SOLACE was named one of four "Best Reads of 2012" by public radio's KRCB "Word by Word." A collection of short stories, "Convergence," is due out in 2015. A second novel, "Monkey Bottom," will follow.
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